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Application for Forest Land Use Agreement for Tourism




  1. Duly accomplished Application Form
  2. Application Fee
  3. Map of the applied area; including the technical description, longitude and latitude coordinates, and tie point from the nearest landmark
  4. Pertinent documents showing proof that the applicant is a legitimate entity qualified to be a holder of a forestland Tenurial Instrument or Agreement
  5. For an individual applicant, certified copy of Birth Certificate or, certified copy of Certificate of Naturalization
  6. For an association, corporation, cooperative or partnership; certified copy of Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) Registration Certificate, Articles of Incorporation/Partnership, and Resolution of the corporate governing body (Board of Directors, Board of Trustees, etc.) designating the authorized representative of said corporation, association or partnership to apply/sign documents for and in behalf of the company
  7. For cooperative, certified copy of Certificate of Registration with the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA)
  8. Indicative Management Plan
  9. Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC), issued by the Environmental Management Bureau of DENR
  10. Appropriate clearance from the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP)
  11. Clearance from Palawan Council for Sustainable Development (PCSD), if the applied area is located in the province of Palawan
  12. BIR Certification on the zonal valuation of the nearest commercial zone of the Barangay/Municipality or Province, whichever is higher
  13. Proof of Financial Capability to develop and manage the applied area
  14. Endorsement from the concerned CENRO, PENRO and RED of DENR
  15. Performance bond twice the annual rental of users fee as the case maybe, but not less than P10,000. Provided that 50% of the computed bond deposit may be posted in CASH and a balance in the form of surety with a duration of (5) five years renewable every (5) years in case of a lease or management agreement coterminous to the FLAg


  1. Duly accomplished Application Form
  2. Supplementary Requirements

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