Application for Bioprospecting Undertaking




  1. Duly accomplished Application Form
  2. Letter of Intent
  3. Research Proposal
  4. Company/Institution/Organization/Agency Profile
  5. Application/Processing Fee
  6. Proof of Financial Capability in the form of credit lines or cattle ownership certified by the concerned Municipal Treasurer


  1. Prior Informed Consent (PIC) /Free and Prior Informed Consent (FPIC) Certificate from resource providers following the procedure for obtaining the PIC/FPIC
  2. Documentary Proof of Compliance with other relevant requirements under Joint DAO-DA-PCSD-NCIP 2005-01
  3. Summary of agreed terms of benefit sharing
  4. Letter of acceptance from local collaborator
  5. Strategic Environmental Plan (SEP) clearance from Palawan Council Sustainable Development (PCSD), if bioprospecting is to be conducted within the Province of Palawan
  6. Other requirements that may be required by concerned Government Agencies


For more inquiries, you may call (02) 775-3300