The Department of Environment and Natural Resources, through its Climate Change Service and Gender and Development Office, has set new deadlines for submission of entries for this year’s Mga Kwentong KLIMA-likasan Recognition Awards and SINING-likhasan Nationwide Short Film Competition.

The new submission deadlines for the recognition awards and the short film competition will be on Nov. 15 and 12, respectively. The original deadline for submission of entries for both KLIMA-likasan and SINING-likhasan was November 5.

"Mga Kwentong KLIMA-likasan Resiliency Recognition Awards and the SINING-likhasan Nationwide Short Film Competition are consistent with the DENR's ongoing advocacy to document and publicize good stories in order to create more ripples of hope throughout the country,” said Atty. Analiza Rebuelta-Teh, DENR Undersecretary for Finance, Information Systems and Climate Change, and Chairperson of the DENR National Gender and Development Focal Point System.

In collaboration with Globe, Mga Kwentong KLIMA-likasan Recognition Awards seek to recognize the stories of individuals, groups, and provincial local government units in addressing climate change and disasters in communities.

Winners of the recognition awards in each category will receive cash prizes. First place will get P50,000 for provincial governments, P40,000 for group category, and P30,000 for individual category, while the second place will get P40,000 for provincial governments, P30,000 for group category, and P20,000 for individual category.

Cash prizes will also be given to winners of special awards for Gender Equality, Women’s Empowerment and Climate Change, and Climate Technology for Resilience: P30,000 for provincial governments, P20,000 for group category, and P10,000 for individual category.

The fields for good stories include community livelihood development, integrated water resources management, coastal/upland protection, critical resilient infrastructure, and climate/disaster information services.

Mga Kwentong KLIMA-likasan Recognition Awards is a support activity to the Good Stories Movement. Selected stories from the submissions will be officially communicated and submitted to the movement.

Good Stories Movement is a global network of people who share the common belief that they can change the story of the world by changing the storyline.


The movement is in search for the stories of good people doing good things for the greater good of the Land, Air, and Waters (LAW) of Life all around the world. It aims to identify the people behind them, highlight the good stories, and recognize and award them for their contributions.

On the other hand, the SINING-likhasan or Sining para sa Klima at Kalikasan Nationwide Short Film Competition, which is in partnership with the Earth Day Jam Foundation, aims to provide a platform to tell stories of hope, resilience, and adaptation in a changing climate through films.

The filmmaking competition aims to educate and raise awareness of the public, particularly the youth, about the critical issues of climate change.

It has two categories: filmmaking using mobile phones and filmmaking using more professional devices.

The prizes for the mobile phone category are: P30,000 for the first place, P20,000 for second place and 10,000 for third place. Winners in the the more professional devices category will get P50,000 for first place, P30,000 for second place, and P20,000 for third place.

The best director and best actor/actress in both categories will be given trophies. Special citations on best cinematography, best music, best sound, best art direction, and best editor will also be given in both categories.

Winners will be announced and awarded this month as part of the observance of the National Climate Change Consciousness Week on November 19 to 25, with the theme “Sama-samang Tumutugon sa Hamon ng Nagbabagong Klima.” Details of contest mechanics are posted on the Facebook pages of DENR Climate Change Service and the Earthday Jam Foundation, and their websites and ###