Any minute now, the world will be covered with darkness. But not for naught. For through an hour of darkness do we conserve energy; of relieving our only home, the Planet Earth, of destructive build-up of carbon stress. For an hour of darkness, we are assured of man’s perpetuity, living life in full colors of Nature.

Earth_Hour_DENR_Pledge-webWe, in Department of Environment and Natural Resources, as the primary agency tasked to protect, conserve, and manage the country’s environment and its resources, do hereby pledge to go beyond the Earth Hour and level up our individual and agency efforts for a greener tomorrow:

Conserve electricity by eliminating wasteful or inefficient energy consumption
Give greater preference to energy resources that are cleaner alternatives to fossil fuel
Go for green products and services
Plant a tree. Join the National Greening Program
Practice the 3Rs of solid waste management
Clean our rivers, creeks and other waterways
Conserve water at all times
Let us not wait for time to run out, or for global warming to become irreversible. The lifestyle of ecological responsibility and discipline that Earth Hour promotes deserves habitual and universal application. Let us adopt and practice environmental citizenship.