Dr. Catherine Roween C. Almaden (right) of the Northern Bukidnon State College Kihare in the province of Bukidnon explains her poster presentation on “Safeguarding the Golden Fields: Collective Adaptation through Ecosystem-based Services in Coastal Rice Farms Affected by Saltwater Inundation in the Philippines and Vietnam” which showed that by recognizing and harnessing the ecosystem-based services offered by mangroves, policymakers, farmers, and local communities can develop resilient and adaptive strategies to protect rice farms against saltwater inundation. The research underscores the significance of mangroves in supporting food security and coastal resilience. It was among the 50 oral and poster presentations featured in the Congress on Sustainable and Climate-Resilient Watershed Management through Ecosystem-Based Approaches in the Asia-Pacific Region conducted by the Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau. Environment Secretary Antonia Loyzaga has said that the ideal combination to address the impact of climate change comes from highlighting green nature-based solutions with grey infrastructure solutions .###