Amid the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) to contain the spread of COVID-19, enforcement officers from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office (DENR PENRO) and the Biodiversity Management Bureau (BMB)’s Task Force Philippine Operations Group on Ivory and Illegal Wildlife Trade or Task Force POGI, from L-R: BMB resident veterinarian Dr. Esteven Toledo, PENRO Rizal Technical Services Division (TSD) chief Forester Ernesto Diso, Jr., PENRO Rizal chief Isidro Mercado, and BMB senior ecosystems management specialist Dr. Rogelio Demelletes, Jr. conduct an operation on May 5 to confiscate a serval cat (inset) after it escaped from the care of its owner in Antipolo City, Rizal. The owner’s neighbors filed a complaint on the incident which led to the confiscation of two serval cats (Leptailurus serval), one Ducorp’s cockatoo (Cacatua ducorpsii), and one Blue-and-gold macaw (Ara ararauna) after the owner failed to immediately present the necessary permits to justify his possession of the exotic pets.###