The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) was notified of the incident at approximately 1:30 PM today and immediately instructed its regional personnel to access the site.

Preliminary reports gathered state that the vessel encountered engine trouble and drifted towards the vicinity waters of Naujan due to rough seas. It then became half-submerged.

Access to the area was limited due to the bad weather. Observation of the impact has been limited to aerial survey.

The DENR is continuously coordinating with the local government of Naujan and the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG). We are monitoring the site in relation to the potential marine biodiversity impacts and the possible risk to lives and livelihoods in the area due to the direction of the current and distance from the shoreline which may be affected.

As of this time, the vessel is positioned on the eastern side of Mindoro Island at an estimated distance of 8 to 12 nautical miles. Wind direction is northwards.

The Philippine Coast Guard has mobilized certified oil spill response organizations to support the PCG operations. ###