PROGRAM DETAILS The AFoCO Fellowship Program is a program for government officials of AFoCO Member Parties dispatched to the AFoCO Secretariat to experience the working environment and processes of the international entity, as well as to maximize the in-house capacity of the Secretariat.
SPONSOR Asian Forest Cooperation Organization (AFoCO)
QUALIFICATIONS Interested applicants shall possess the following qualification requirements of the DENR:
  • Have at least two (2) years holding permanent plantilla position in the DENR at the time of application;
  • Have obtained performance ratings of at least Very Satisfactory for the last two (2) consecutive rating periods;
  • Performing duties and responsibilities relevant to the field of study/travel being applied for;
  • Have no pending administrative case;
  • Have no pending application and nomination for other study and non-study trips;
  • Have not exceeded four (4) official foreign travel within a year;
  • Have submitted all the required reports from previous foreign travels;
  • Have rendered the required service obligation for a scholarship previously enjoyed;
  • Must be willing to conduct a master’s thesis aligned to the priority programs of the Department or related topics to be identified/approved by the DENR;
  • Must be willing to sign a scholarship service contract and shall serve the DENR with the corresponding period of service obligation; and
  • Must not be a delinquent scholar.
DOCUMENTARY REQUIREMENTS The nominee shall submit the following requirements to Career Development Division-HRDS:
  • Memorandum addressed to the Chair of the Human Resource Development Committee (HRDC), attention HRDC Secretariat to be endorsed by Head of Office and concurred by Supervising Undersecretary/Assistant Secretary;
  • Resolution from HRDC Counterpart recommending the nomination of the applicant;
  • Service Record;
  • Certificate of no pending administrative case;
  • Certification from the Director supervising human resources/Assistant Regional Director for Management Service/Assistant Director (Region/Bureau/Attached Agency) stating that the applicant:
    • has no pending scholarship nomination;
    • has not been a delinquent scholar from a previous scholarship grant;
    • has submitted all the required reports from previous foreign travels; and
    • has performance ratings of at least Very Satisfactory for the last two (2) consecutive rating periods.
  • Updated Personal Data Sheet, with Work Experience Sheet, duly signed by authorized person administering oath; and
  • Self Certification of official Travel History for the past 24 months.

The DENR HRDC shall screen and select qualified candidates for the program. Selected Candidates will be notified and endorsed to the AFoCo Secretariat, to proceed with the application/admission process. 

For interested applicants, you may submit your documentary requirements through this link: bit.ly/nomiforeign

Should you need further information about the requirements, please communicate with the HRDC Secretariat at email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone: (02) 8927-9107 or VOIP 1063.