DENR Annual Report Cover web




List of Acronyms and Abbreviations

Policy Issuances

 Highlights of Physical Accomplishments

Manila Bay Rehabilitation

Pasig River Rehabilitation

Boracay Rehabilitation

Clean Air

Clean Water 

Solid Waste Management

Enhanced National Greening Program

Intensified Forest Protection and Anti-Illegal Logging

Geohazard, Groundwater Assessment and Responsible Mining

Enhanced Biodiversity Conservation

Scaling Up of Coastal and Marine Ecosystems

Improved Land Administration and Management

Foreign-Assisted and Special Projects

Ecosystems Research and Development

Attached Agencies         

-       National Mapping and Resource Information Authority

-       National Water Resources Board

-       Palawan Council for Sustainable Development

-       Laguna Lake Development Authority

Green Economy Models

Bangon Marawi

Mainstreaming of DENR Plans and Programs with Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction

Gender and Development Mainstreaming 

DENR Initiatives to Address Adverse Impacts of COVID -19 Pandemic

Financial Resources