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   DAO 2001-22  Addendum to Section 4 of DENR Administrative Order no. 99-46 Providing for the Revised Regulations Governing the Entry and Disposition of Imported Logs, Lumber, Veneer, Plywood, Other Wood-Based Panels, Poles and Piles, Pulpwood and Wood Chips. 2001/08/16 
   DAO 2001-21  Revised Guidelines on Gender and Development (GAD) Service Awards 2001/08/16 
   DAO 2001-35-Annex A  Guidelines on Gender and Development Service Awards of the DENR 2001/08/16 
   DAO 2001-20  Guidelines in the Operationalization and Implementation of the ""Txt E-Mail DENR"" Project. 2001/07/03 
   DAO 2001-19  Reiterating the Jurisdiction of the Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau (PAWB) Over the DENR Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center (DWRRC)- Ninoy Aquino Park And Wildlife Nature Center (NAPWNC). 2001/07/02 
   DAO 2001-18  Amendments to DENR Administrative Order No. 99-27, dated July 19, 1999 Re: Implementation of Gender and Development (GAD) in the DENR. 2001/06/29 
   DAO 2001-17  Guidelines for Delineating/ Delimiting Municipal Waters 2001/06/13 
   DAO 2001-15  Designation of Undersecretary Ramon R.J. Paje as Undersecretary for Environment and Natural Resources Operations 2001/04/20 
   DAO 2001-14  Creation of the International Coral Reef Initiative Joint Philippine-Sweden Secretariat 2001/03/29 
   DAO 2001-12  Creation of the Manila Bay Environmental Management Project Coordinating Committee and Project Management Office for the GEF/UNDP/IMO Regional Programme "" Building Partnership in Environmental Management for the Seas of East Asia"". 2001/03/13 
   DAO 2001-13  Strengthening the DENR Support System for the GEF/UNDP/IMO Regional Programme, ""Partnership in Environmental Management for the Seas of East Asia"" (PEMSEA) by the Creation of a Programme National Coordinating Committee and Management Office 2001/03/13 
   DAO 2001-11  Reconstitution of the Management Information Systems Division and Returning it Under the Supervision of the Assistant Secretary for Planning, Policy Studies and Economic Affairs Office. 2001/03/06 
   DAO 2001-10  Amendment to DENR Administrative Order 2000 - 10 Re: DENR Centralized Library. 2001/03/05 
   DAO 2001-06  Declaring and Setting Aside Certain Tracts of Public Forestland for Usufruct Rights in Tree Farming Activities of DENR-CAR Employees. 2001/01/16 
   DAO 2001-07  Suspending the Implementation of DAO No. 2000-63 Dated 31 July 2000 and Reverting the Rates of Forest Charges to and Under DAO No. 95-19 Pursuant to Republic Act 7161 (R.A. 7161). 2001/01/16 
   DAO 2001-09  General Guidelines for the Establishment and Management of the EIA Review Support Fund. 2001/01/16 
   DAO 2001-02  Amending Relevant Provisions of DAO 2000-68, Re: Institutionalization of the Directorate on Special Projects for Water and Integrated Ecosystems Management and Development (DSPWIEMD) and Related Functions, DAO No. 2000-70, Re: Suspension of DAO 2000-68, and Inclusion of Biodiversity Conservation Programs and Projects Within the Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau. 2001/01/12 
   DAO 2001-01  Payment of the Retention Fees for Community Organizing and Comprehensive Site Development of Subprojects Under Forestry Sector Project Funded by the Japan Bank for International Cooperation. 2001/01/03 
   DAO 2000-102  Establishing the National Support Program on Local Environment and Natural Resources Planning and Management. 2000/12/27 
   DAO 2000-101  Amendments to the Rules and Regulations of the National Pollution Control Commission (1978) Incorporating Permit Regulations Governing Mine Waste and Mill Tailings Storage Structures 2000/12/21 
   DAO 2000-99  Amendment s to Sections 134-136 of DENR Administrative Order No. 96-40, the Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act No. 7942, otherwise knows as the ""Philippine Mining Act of 1995"" 2000/12/21 
   DAO 2000-98  Mine Safety and Health Standards 2000/12/20 
   DAO 2000-93  Declaring and Setting Aside a Certain Tracts of Public Forest Land for the DENR - Natural Resources Development Corporation Employees Forest Production Project Area in Region III 2000/12/19 
   DAO 2000-89  Amending Sections 7, 8, 2, and 9 of DAO 97-36, Series of 1997 "Institutionalizing the Dalaw-Turo (DT) of the Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau (PAWB) as Environmental Education Strategy for Nature Conservation and Environmental Awareness Projects and Activities". 2000/12/19 
   DAO 2000-103  Redistricting of PENR and CENR Offices in Region VII 2000/12/19