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   DAO 2001-15  Designation of Undersecretary Ramon R.J. Paje as Undersecretary for Environment and Natural Resources Operations 2001/04/20 
   DAO 2001-14  Creation of the International Coral Reef Initiative Joint Philippine-Sweden Secretariat 2001/03/29 
   DAO 2001-12  Creation of the Manila Bay Environmental Management Project Coordinating Committee and Project Management Office for the GEF/UNDP/IMO Regional Programme "" Building Partnership in Environmental Management for the Seas of East Asia"". 2001/03/13 
   DAO 2001-13  Strengthening the DENR Support System for the GEF/UNDP/IMO Regional Programme, ""Partnership in Environmental Management for the Seas of East Asia"" (PEMSEA) by the Creation of a Programme National Coordinating Committee and Management Office 2001/03/13 
   DAO 2001-11  Reconstitution of the Management Information Systems Division and Returning it Under the Supervision of the Assistant Secretary for Planning, Policy Studies and Economic Affairs Office. 2001/03/06 
   DAO 2001-10  Amendment to DENR Administrative Order 2000 - 10 Re: DENR Centralized Library. 2001/03/05 
   DAO 2001-06  Declaring and Setting Aside Certain Tracts of Public Forestland for Usufruct Rights in Tree Farming Activities of DENR-CAR Employees. 2001/01/16 
   DAO 2001-07  Suspending the Implementation of DAO No. 2000-63 Dated 31 July 2000 and Reverting the Rates of Forest Charges to and Under DAO No. 95-19 Pursuant to Republic Act 7161 (R.A. 7161). 2001/01/16 
   DAO 2001-09  General Guidelines for the Establishment and Management of the EIA Review Support Fund. 2001/01/16 
   DAO 2001-02  Amending Relevant Provisions of DAO 2000-68, Re: Institutionalization of the Directorate on Special Projects for Water and Integrated Ecosystems Management and Development (DSPWIEMD) and Related Functions, DAO No. 2000-70, Re: Suspension of DAO 2000-68, and Inclusion of Biodiversity Conservation Programs and Projects Within the Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau. 2001/01/12 
   DAO 2001-01  Payment of the Retention Fees for Community Organizing and Comprehensive Site Development of Subprojects Under Forestry Sector Project Funded by the Japan Bank for International Cooperation. 2001/01/03 
   DAO 2000-102  Establishing the National Support Program on Local Environment and Natural Resources Planning and Management. 2000/12/27 
   DAO 2000-101  Amendments to the Rules and Regulations of the National Pollution Control Commission (1978) Incorporating Permit Regulations Governing Mine Waste and Mill Tailings Storage Structures 2000/12/21 
   DAO 2000-99  Amendment s to Sections 134-136 of DENR Administrative Order No. 96-40, the Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act No. 7942, otherwise knows as the ""Philippine Mining Act of 1995"" 2000/12/21 
   DAO 2000-98  Mine Safety and Health Standards 2000/12/20 
   DAO 2000-93  Declaring and Setting Aside a Certain Tracts of Public Forest Land for the DENR - Natural Resources Development Corporation Employees Forest Production Project Area in Region III 2000/12/19 
   DAO 2000-89  Amending Sections 7, 8, 2, and 9 of DAO 97-36, Series of 1997 "Institutionalizing the Dalaw-Turo (DT) of the Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau (PAWB) as Environmental Education Strategy for Nature Conservation and Environmental Awareness Projects and Activities". 2000/12/19 
   DAO 2000-103  Redistricting of PENR and CENR Offices in Region VII 2000/12/19 
   DAO 2000-94  Redistricting of PENR and CENR Offices in Region V 2000/12/18 
   DAO 2000-95  Redistricting of PENR and CENR Offices in Region III 2000/12/18 
   DAO 2000-96  Redistricting of PENR and CENR Offices in Region XI 2000/12/18 
   DAO 2000-100  Redistricting of PENR and CENR Offices in Region VIII 2000/12/18 
   DAO 2000-97  Redistricting of PENR and CENR Offices in CARAGA Region 2000/12/18 
   DAO 2000-88  Declaring and Setting Aside Certain Tract of Public Forestland within the Kaliwa River Watershed Reservation, Province of Rizal specifically for the DENR-NAMRIA Employees USUFRUCT Area. 2000/12/15 
   DAO 2000-90  Declaring and Setting Aside Certain Tracts of Public Forest Land for USUFRUCT Rights in Tree Farming and Production Forest Area of DENR CENRO Albuera, Regional Office and CENRO Maaasin Personnel, respectively 2000/12/15