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   DMC 1990-21  Guidelines in the Handling and Disposition of Endemic Forest Tree Seeds from Selected Mother Trees. 1990/09/10 
   DMC 1990-19  Amendment of Certain Provisions of DENR Memorandum Order No. 36, Series of 1988 (Guidelines on the Confiscation, Seizure and Disposition of Illegally Cut, Gathered Transported Forest Products. 1990/09/10 
   DMC 1990-18  Supplementary Guidelines on the Selection of Species to be Planted Inside Contract Reforestation Areas for Protection Purposes. 1990/09/04 
   DMC 1990-16  Clarifying the Guidelines on Timber Stand Improvement (TSI) Activities in Dipterocarp Forests. 1990/08/07 
   DMC 1990-15  Updating of Cost Estimates for the Establishment and Development of Rattan Plantation by Contract and Administration. 1990/08/02 
   DMC 1990-14  Additional Guidelines on the Renewal of Wood Processing Plant Permits. 1990/07/25 
   DMC 1990-13  Prescribed DENR Log Marking Procedures 1990/07/20 
   DMC 1990-11  Guidelines for Replanting and Recovering Shortfalls in Survival Rates and Targeted Areas in Contract Reforestation. 1990/07/16 
   DMC 1990-10  Guidelines in Hastening the Completion of Physical Targets in Sectioning of Areas Under Contract Reforestation Pursuant to DENR Monitoring and Evaluation System. 1990/05/09 
   DMC 1990-08  Guidelines on Budget Allocation, Disbursement and Accounting of Foods for the Integrated Social Forestry Program. 1990/04/18 
   DMC 1990-07  Conduct of Timber Stand Improvement (TSI) in Residual Forest Areas Covered by Community Forest Stewardship Agreements (SFSAs), Community Forest Mangement Agreements (CFMAs). 1990/04/10 
   DMC 1990-06  Guidelines in the Handling and Disposition of Forest Tree from Selected Provenances. 1990/04/03 
   DMC 1990-05  Guidelines on the Cutting of Mangraove Tree Species Within Approved FLA Area. 1990/03/08 
   DMC 1990-04  Updating of Cost Estimates for Reforestation Contracts Providing Guidelines for Implementing Cost Saving/Low Cost Approaches, Scheduling Disbursements and Establishing the Duration of Contracts. 1990/02/14 
   DMC 1990-03  Clarification on Lumber Exports Sawn Out of Imported Logs 1990/01/11 
   DMC 1990-01  Shipment of KD S4S Lumber 1990/01/08 
   DAO 1990-88  Amending Certain Provisions of DENR Administrative No. 69, Series of 1990 1990/12/27 
   DAO 1990-86  Additional Guidelines Governing the Issuance of Private Land Timber Permit as Provided by DENR Administrative Order No. 12, as Amended 1990/12/12 
   DAO 1990-79  Amendment to DENR Administrataive Order No. 26, Series of 1990, Amending Further DENR Administrative Order No. 86-90 Prescribing Rules on the Deregulation of Tree harvesting Transporting and Sale of Firewood, Pulpwood or Timber Planted in Private Lands. 1990/09/19 
   DAO 1990-78  Regulations on the Issuance of Timber Production Sharing Agreement (TPSA) 1990/09/19 
   DAO 1990-77  Amending Paragraph a Section 7 of DENR Administrative Order No. 97, Series of 1988 re: Revised Regulations Implementing the Integrated Social Program 1990/09/18 
   DAO 1990-76  Disestablishment of Communal Forest Parcel-II of Puerto Galer, Oriental Mindoro 1990/09/12 
   DAO 1990-75  Amending Sec. 7 of DENR Administrative Order No. 59, Series of 1990, Guidelines in the Confiscation, Forfeiture and Disposition of Conveyances used in the Commission of Offenses Penalized Under Section 68, P.D. 705, as Amended by Executive Order No. 227, Series of 1987 and Other Forestry laws, Rules and Regulations. 1990/09/11 
   DAO 1990-74  Changing the Name of San Mariano Reforestation Project to Maragusan Reforestation Project 1990/09/05 
   DAO 1990-71  Implementing Guidelines for the Award and Administration of Forest Land Mangement Agreement (FLMA) 1990/08/09