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   DMO 1990-04  Clarification on Moratorium on the Logging Operation in the Province of Nueva Vizcaya 1990/02/22 
   DMO 1990-02  Moratorium on the Logging Operation to the Province of Nueva Vizcaya 1990/01/16 
   DMO 1990-01  Guidelines in the Preparation and Submission of the Integrated Social Forestry Situation and Performance Report. 1990/01/03 
   DMC 1990-24  Reinstatement Requiring Performance Bonds for Community Reforestation Contracts and Guidelines on Performance Bonds for Contract Reforestation Projects. 1990/12/10 
   DMC 1990-23  Amending Section 1 of Memorandum Circular No. 05, Series of 1990. \"\"Guidelines on the Cutting of Mangrove Tree Species Within Aprroved FLA Areas.\"\" 1990/12/05 
   DMC 1990-22  Cutting, Transport and Disposition of Premium Species Inside Private Lands 1990/09/19 
   DMC 1990-21  Guidelines in the Handling and Disposition of Endemic Forest Tree Seeds from Selected Mother Trees. 1990/09/10 
   DMC 1990-19  Amendment of Certain Provisions of DENR Memorandum Order No. 36, Series of 1988 (Guidelines on the Confiscation, Seizure and Disposition of Illegally Cut, Gathered Transported Forest Products. 1990/09/10 
   DMC 1990-18  Supplementary Guidelines on the Selection of Species to be Planted Inside Contract Reforestation Areas for Protection Purposes. 1990/09/04 
   DMC 1990-16  Clarifying the Guidelines on Timber Stand Improvement (TSI) Activities in Dipterocarp Forests. 1990/08/07 
   DMC 1990-15  Updating of Cost Estimates for the Establishment and Development of Rattan Plantation by Contract and Administration. 1990/08/02 
   DMC 1990-14  Additional Guidelines on the Renewal of Wood Processing Plant Permits. 1990/07/25 
   DMC 1990-13  Prescribed DENR Log Marking Procedures 1990/07/20 
   DMC 1990-11  Guidelines for Replanting and Recovering Shortfalls in Survival Rates and Targeted Areas in Contract Reforestation. 1990/07/16 
   DMC 1990-10  Guidelines in Hastening the Completion of Physical Targets in Sectioning of Areas Under Contract Reforestation Pursuant to DENR Monitoring and Evaluation System. 1990/05/09 
   DMC 1990-08  Guidelines on Budget Allocation, Disbursement and Accounting of Foods for the Integrated Social Forestry Program. 1990/04/18 
   DMC 1990-07  Conduct of Timber Stand Improvement (TSI) in Residual Forest Areas Covered by Community Forest Stewardship Agreements (SFSAs), Community Forest Mangement Agreements (CFMAs). 1990/04/10 
   DMC 1990-06  Guidelines in the Handling and Disposition of Forest Tree from Selected Provenances. 1990/04/03 
   DMC 1990-05  Guidelines on the Cutting of Mangraove Tree Species Within Approved FLA Area. 1990/03/08 
   DMC 1990-04  Updating of Cost Estimates for Reforestation Contracts Providing Guidelines for Implementing Cost Saving/Low Cost Approaches, Scheduling Disbursements and Establishing the Duration of Contracts. 1990/02/14 
   DMC 1990-03  Clarification on Lumber Exports Sawn Out of Imported Logs 1990/01/11 
   DMC 1990-01  Shipment of KD S4S Lumber 1990/01/08 
   DAO 1990-88  Amending Certain Provisions of DENR Administrative No. 69, Series of 1990 1990/12/27 
   DAO 1990-86  Additional Guidelines Governing the Issuance of Private Land Timber Permit as Provided by DENR Administrative Order No. 12, as Amended 1990/12/12 
   DAO 1990-79  Amendment to DENR Administrataive Order No. 26, Series of 1990, Amending Further DENR Administrative Order No. 86-90 Prescribing Rules on the Deregulation of Tree harvesting Transporting and Sale of Firewood, Pulpwood or Timber Planted in Private Lands. 1990/09/19