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   DMC 2009-16  Guidelines on the Payment of the Collective Negotiation Agreement (CNA) Incentive for FY 2009 to All DENR Employees 2009/12/08 
   DMC 2009-15  Procedural Manual for the Designation of Water Quality Management Areas 2009/11/06 
   DMC 2009-14  Strict Implementation of the 50 Meters Buffer Zone 2009/11/06 
   DMC 2009-13  Guidelines on the Advance Payment of the Remaining Half or Balance of the Year-End Bonus and/or Cash Gift to DENR Personnel for FY 2009 2009/11/05 
   DMC 2009-12  Submission of Documents for Foreign-Related Travels 2009/09/18 
   DMC 2009-11  DENR Procurement Improvement Program 2009/08/18 
   DMC 2009-10  Guidelines on the Preparation and Submission of IAS Regional Focal Persons WFP 2009/06/02 
   DMC 2009-08  Supplemental Guidelines on the Commemoration of National Flag Day for 2009 2009/05/04 
   DMC 2009-07  Guidelines and Procedures on the Role of the Research Sector in the Implementation of the Upland Development Program 2009/04/07 
   DMC 2009-06  Administrative and Financial Guidelines of the Upland Development Program 2009/03/31 
   DMC 2009-05  Amendment of Memorandum Circular 2009-03 \"Supplemental Guidelines and Procedures in the Implementation of the Upland Development Program\" 2009/03/26 
   DMC 2009-04  Addendum to DENR MC No. 2009-03 re: Supplemental Guidelines and Procedures in the Implementation of the Upland Development Program 2009/03/17 
   DMC 2009-03  Supplemental Guidelines and Procedures in the Implementation of the Upland Development Program 2009/03/05 
   DMC 2009-02  Temporary Banning of the Importation and Use of Endosulfan 2009/02/26 
   DMC 2009-01  Additional List of Classified Water Bodies 2009/02/25 
   DMC 2008-08  Clarification of the Role of LGUs in the Philippine EIS System in Relation to MC 2007-08 2008/12/24 
   DMC 2008-07  Guidelines on the Payment of the 2008 Collective Negotiation Agreement (CNA) to All Employees of the DENR 2008/12/24 
   DMC 2008-06  Guidelines in the Selection and Placement of Personnel in the Rationalization Program 2008/10/23 
   DMC 2008-05  Guidelines in the Preparation of Integrated Watershed Management Plans 2008/10/22 
   DMC 2008-04  The 2009 Upland Development Program (Reforestation and Agroforestry) 2008/09/09 
   DMC 2008-03  Defining A Strategic Environment and Natural Resources Framework Plan for the Province of Aurora 2008/09/09 
   DMC 2008-02  Electricity and Fuel Saving Measures 2008/07/17 
   DMC 2008-01  Prescribing Mechanics/Guidelines for the Environmental Management Watch Among Selected DENR Offices 2008/07/15 
   DMC 2007-12  Guidelines on the payment of the Collective Negotiation Agreement (CNA) Incentive to all Employees of the DENR Central Office. 2007/11/16 
   DMC 2007-11  Revised Rules of Procedure and Guidelines for the Disposition of Alienable and Disposable Public Lands Within the Baguio Townsite Reservation 2007/07/25