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   DAO 1990-75  Amending Sec. 7 of DENR Administrative Order No. 59, Series of 1990, Guidelines in the Confiscation, Forfeiture and Disposition of Conveyances used in the Commission of Offenses Penalized Under Section 68, P.D. 705, as Amended by Executive Order No. 227, Series of 1987 and Other Forestry laws, Rules and Regulations. 1990/09/11 
   DAO 1990-74  Changing the Name of San Mariano Reforestation Project to Maragusan Reforestation Project 1990/09/05 
   DAO 1990-71  Implementing Guidelines for the Award and Administration of Forest Land Mangement Agreement (FLMA) 1990/08/09 
   DAO 1990-69  Submission of Full Aerial Photography by Holders of Timber License Agreements (TLAs) and Timber Production Sharing Agreement (TPAs) Every Five (5) Years of Satellite Data Every Two (2) Years as Conditional Requirement for the Continuance of their License/Agreement. 1990/07/23 
   DAO 1990-63  Amendment to Administrative Order No. 62 Dated June 27, 1990 1990/07/02 
   DAO 1990-62  Imposition of Environmental Fee for the Utilization of Timber Resources 1990/08/07 
   DAO 1990-59  Guidelines in the Confiscation, Forfeiture and Disposition of Conveyances Used in the Commission of Offenses Penalized Under Section 68. P.D. 705, as Amended by Executive Order No. 277, Series of 1987 and Other Forestry Laws, Rules and Regulations. 1990/06/22 
   DAO 1990-59-A  Additional Provisions in the Guidelines on Confiscation Forfeiture and Disposition of Conveyances Used in the Commission of Offenses Penalized Under Forestry Laws, Rules and Regulations 1990/08/07 
   DAO 1990-54  Guidelines on the Selection, Establishment and Management of Integrated Social Forestry Model Sites. 1990/06/11 
   DAO 1990-36  Declaring and Certifying Certain Portion of Public Forest as Available for Fishpond Development Under LC Project NO. 33 of Matalom, Province of Leyte 1990/03/29 
   DAO 1990-26  Amendment to DENR Administrative Order No. 86 Series of 1988, Prescribing Rules on the Deregulation of Tree Harvesting, Transporting and Sale of Firewood, Pulpwood or Timber Planted in Private Lands. 1990/02/22 
   DAO 1990-15  Regulations Governing the Utilization. Development and Management of Mangrove Resources 1990/02/01 
   DAO 1990-05  Amendment to DENR Administrative Order No. 19, Series of 1989 on Lumber Export Ban 1990/01/11 
   DAO 1990-35  Revised Effluent Regulations of 1990, Revising and Amending the Effluent Regulations of 1982. 1990/03/20 
   DAO 1990-34  Revised Water Usage and Classification/Water Quality Criteria Amending Section No. 68 and 69, Chapter III of the 1978 NPCC Rules and Regulations. 1990/03/20 
   DMO 1990-13  Formulation of Department-wide Concerns Unit in the CNEROs, PENROs, Regional Offices, Bureaus and Attached Agencies to Ensure an Efficient Execution of DENR AO No. 133, Series of 1989 1990/09/24 
   DMO 1990-10  Internal Guidelines in the Implementation of Economic Measures Pursuant to National Emergency Memorandum Order No. 24 Dated May 17, 1990 and Adoption of Other Cost Saving Measures. 1990/05/24 
   DMO 1990-08  Formation of Department-Wide Policy Units Headed by Policy Liason Officers 1990/05/24 
   DMO 1990-07  Establishment of an Office in Naujan, Oriental Mindoro to be the Field Station of the Project Team Created by DENR Special Order No. 739 1990/05/24 
   DMO 1990-03  Applying Item 3.2 of Memorandum Order No. 1 series of 1988, to all Foreign-Assisted Projects 1990/01/25 
   DMC 1990-17  Institutionalizing the Conduct of Cluster Meetings to Review Evaluate all Department Special Projects 1990/07/23 
   DMC 1990-09  Guidelines and Procedures in the Appraisal , Screening and Aprroval of OSEC Locally-Funded Special Project 1990/04/18 
   DMC 1990-02  Comprehensive Guidelines on DENR-NFP Monitoring and Evaluation System Re-Echo Seminar 1990/01/10 
   DAO 1990-87  Regulations Governing Appeals to the Office of the Secretary from the Decisions/Orders of the Regional Offices 1990/12/28 
   DAO 1990-84  Creating the Organization and Management Structure for the Implementation of the US AID - Assisted Natural Resources Management Program (NRMP) 1990/12/03