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   DMO 2006-03  Guidelines on Official Travels Abroad 2006/07/29 
   DMO 2006-02  Suspension and Control over the Head Executive Assistant, Office of the Secretary (HEA-OSEC), and HEA-OSEC Staff and Communications System within the OSEC 2006/07/21 
   DMC 2011-06  Conduct of a Software Audit of all Computers Connected to the DENR Network 2011/07/25 
   DMC 2011-05  Guidelines on the Original and Subsequent Numbering of Lots Covered by Cadastral Survey 2011/06/22 
   DMC 2011-04  Prohibition of Social Networking Websites, Offline and Online Games During Office Hours 2011/04/20 
   DMC 2011-03  Procedures for the Execution of Cadastral Survey Projects Under the Philippine Reference System (PRS92)  2011/03/29 
   DMC 2011-02  Guidelines on the Search and Recognition of Environment Friendly and Clean Offices 2011/03/08 
   DMC 2011-01  Guidelines and Procedures in the Implementation of the National Greening Program 2011/03/08 
   DMC 2010-19  Guidelines on the Payment of FY 2010 Collective Negotiation Agreement (CNA) Incentive to All Employees of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) 2010/12/23 
   DMC 2010-18  Guidelines in the Resolution and Disposition of Administrative Disciplinary Cases 2010/11/23 
   DMC-2010-17  Adopting the \"Wildlife Law Enforcement Manual of Operations\" as Guide in the Enforcement of Republic Act No. 9147 and Other Relevant Wildlife Laws, Rules and Regulations by Designated/Deputized Wildlife Enforcement Officers, ENR Officers and Members of the Wildlife Traffic Monitoring Units 2010/10/18 
   DMC 2010-16  Implementation of the Approved Records Retention and Disposition Schedule 2010/10/08 
   DMC 2010-15  Strengthening the Environmental Law Enforcement Task Force (ELETF) 2010/10/04 
   DMC 2010-14  Standardization of Requirements and Enhancement of Public Participation in the Streamlined Implementation of the Philippine EIS System 2010/06/29 
   DMC 2010-13  Adoption of the Manual on Land Survey Procedures 2010/06/23 
   DMC 2010-12  Clarificatory Guidelines in the Issuance of the Area Status and Clearance for Mining Applications Pursuant to the Provision of Section A.5 of Department Order No. 2010-04  2010/06/03 
   DMC 2010-11  Prescribing the Forms for the Processing of Residential Free Patent Applications Under R.A. 10023 as Implemented by Department Administrative Order No. 2010-12 Dated 5 May 2010 2010/05/31 
   DMC 2010-10  Guidelines Setting the Criteria for the Assessment, Selection and Promotion to Third Level Positions 2010/05/17 
   DMC 2010-09  \\\"Salamat, Paalam\\\" Program for Retiring DENR Official/Employees 2010/05/12 
   DMC 2010-08  Additional List of Classified Water Bodies 2010/03/17 
   DMC 2010-07  Strengthening the Regional Public Affairs Office 2010/03/11 
   DMC 2010-06  Manual of Procedures on the Transformation and Integration of Cadastral Data Into the Philippine Reference System of 1992 (PRS92) 2010/02/04 
   DMC 2010-05  Amendments to DENR Memorandum Circular No. 2010-03 Dated 15 January 2010 2010/01/28 
   DMC 2010-04  Delegation of Authority 2010/01/22 
   DMC 2010-03  Functional Assignments of Offices 2010/01/15