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   DMO 2010-09  No Acceptance and Processing of Applications for Logging Contracts 2010/08/20 
   DMO 2010-08  Consolidated Department Administrative Order re: Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act No. 7942, Otherwise Known as the Philippine Mining Act of 1995  2010/06/29 
   DMO 2010-07  Delegating the Authority to Issue Mineral Ore Export Permits to the Director, Regional Director of the Mines and Geosciences Bureau Concerned and the Provincial Governors/City Mayors Concerned, Among Others 2010/06/29 
   DMO 2010-06  Delineation of Functional Responsibilities of DENR Senior Officials, Amending for this Purpose 2010/05/12 
   DMO 2010-05  Further Amending and Clarifying Certain Provisions of Memorandum Circular No. 2009-03 Entitled Supplemental Guidelines and Procedures in the Implementation of the Upland Development Program 2010/05/05 
   DMO 2010-04  Reforms in the Department Mining Tenement System 2010/03/12 
   DMO 2010-03  Establishment of DENR Wellness at Work (WAW) Program 2010/02/22 
   DMO 2010-02  Organizing the DENR Green Multipliers Program to Support the Environmental Performance of the Department 2010/02/22 
   DMO 2010-01  Directing a 10% Reduction in Water Consumption in all DENR Offices Nationwide, Including all Attached Agencies 2010/02/19 
   DMO 2009-07  Implementation of the DENR Specific Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for its Officials and Employees 2009/12/03 
   DMO 2009-06  Moratorium on all Mining/Quarry/Crushing Operations in Sariaya, Quezon 2009/11/17 
   DMO 2009-05  Addendum to Memorandum Order 2009-03 Dated 06 October 2009 2009/11/05 
   DMO 2009-04  Guidelines on the Grant of Special Emergency Leave 2009/11/05 
   DMO 2009-03  Guidelines on the Grant of Emergency Rice Subsidy to DENR Officials and Employees in Areas Affected By \"Typhoon \"Ondoy\" 2009/10/06 
   DMO 2009-02  Granting Clearance to Assist in the Management of the Ipo Watershed Areas to the Manila Water Company, Inc. (MWCI) and Maynilad Water Services, Inc. (MWSI) 2009/05/27 
   DMO 2009-01  Delegating the Authority to Issue Mineral Ore Export Permits Under Certain Types of Mining Permits to the Provincial Governors Concerned 2009/01/30 
   DMO 2008-04  Clarificatory Guidelines in the Implementation of Department Administrative Order No. 2008-20 in re: Mineral Ore Export Permit  2008/11/27 
   DMO 2008-03  Special Recovery Permit for Stumps of Uprooted, Typhoon Damaged Trees in the Province of La Union 2008/11/07 
   DMO 2008-02  Revised Guidelines on the Use of the DENR Baguio Cottages 2008/10/02 
   DMO 2008-01  Area Status and Clearance One-Stop-Shop Committee (OSSC) 2008/08/28 
   DMO 2007-09  Prescribing the Guidelines in the Construction of Land Records Building/Facility 2007/07/31 
   DMO 2007-07  Further Amending Memorandum Circular No. 19 Series of 1990 to Allow Other Bidders Aside from the Lumber Permitees Stated in DENR Memorandum Order No. 9 Series of 1999 2007/06/29 
   DMO 2007-06  Guidelines for the Establishment of Mineral Reservations 2007/01/19 
   DMO 2007-04  Reconstituting the Membership of the Area Status and Clearance One-Stop Shop Committee Created Under DMO No. 2004-09 2007/01/25 
   DMO 2007-03  Authorizing the Regional Executive Director of DENR Region 1, City of San Fernanando, La Union to Issue Cutting Permits Involving Thirty (30) Trees or Less 2007/01/04