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   JOINT AO DENR-NCIP 2008-01  Guidelines and Procedures for the Recognition, Documentation, Registration and Confirmation of all Sustainable Traditional and Indigenous Forest Resources Management Systems and Practices (STIFRMSP) of Indigenous Cultural Communities or Indigenous Peoples in Ancestral Domain/Land 2008/07/08 
   JOINT AO DENR-DOST 2006-01  Adopting Environmental Technology Verification Protocol (ETVP) 2006/01/16 
   JOINT AO DENR-DOTC 2006-03  Enforcement of Regulation on the Implementation of the NCPP on Motor Vehicles under the Revised Chemical Control Order (CCO) for Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) (DENR Administrative Order No. 2004-08, Series of 2004. 2006/01/16 
   JOINT AO DENR-DOH 2005-02  Policies and Guidelines of effective and proper handling, collection, transport, treatment, storage and disposal of health care wastes. 2005/08/24 
   JOINT AO 2015-02  Policies and Guidelines on effective and Proper Handling, Collection, Transport, Treatment, Storage and Disposal of Health Care wastes. 2005/08/24 
   JOINT MC OCA_SC-DENR-PPA 2005-01  Guidelines and Procedures and the Implementation of Supreme Court Administrative Circular No. 17-2003 Dated March 12, 2003 2005/08/01 
   JOINT AO DENR-DA-PCSD-NCIP 2005-01  Joint DAO of DENR, DA,PCSD,NCIP Re: Guidelines for Bioprospecting Activities in the Philippines 2005/01/14 
   DAO 2004-55  DENR Streamlining/Procedural Guidelines pursuant to the joint DENR-DA-PCSD Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act No. 9147 otherwise known as ""Wildlife Resources Conservation and protection Act"" 2004/08/31 
   DMC 2004-13  List of Classified / Re-Classified Water Bodies in 2003 2004/08/31 
   DAO 2004-09  Creation of an expanded LLDA Reorganization Task Force 2004/04/15 
   DAO 2003-54  Establishment of Community Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) Baybay, Province of Leyte 2003/12/12 
   DMC 2003-16  Guidelines on the Recognition of Outstanding DENR Employees for CY 2003 2003/08/29 
   JOINT AO DENR-DOE 2002-01  Procedures for the Establishment of Energy Projects in Protected Areas 2002/11/13 
   DAO 2000-43  Declaring and Setting Aside a Certain Tracts of Public Forest Land for DENR Employees As Additional Sites for Forest Production Project Area in Region III. 2000/05/24 
   DAO 1999-37  Revised Guidelines on theCertification of Eligibility for Reclassification of Agricultural Lands and Providing Mechanisms for the Implementation thereof. 1999/09/30 
   DAO 1998-03  Implementing Rules and Regulations Pursuant to Republic Act No. 8550:"An Act Providing for the Development, Management and Conservation of the Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, Integrating All Laws Pertinent thereto, and for other purposes". 1998/05/08 
   JOINT AO DAR-DA-DENR-DILG 1997-01  Setting of Moratorium on the Deployment of Artificial Reef Nationwide 1997/09/08 
   JOINT AO 1995-01  Shipment of Forest Products from the DENR Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) 1995/02/22 
   DAO 1993-68  Amendment of DAO No. 60, Series of 1993, Otherwise known as the Revised Regulations and Guidelines Governing the Establishment and Management of Industrial Forest Plantations (IFPs) and Management of Residual Natural Forest for Production Purposes 1993/12/16 
   JOINT AO DENR-NEDA 1993-41  Creation of the Steering Committee for the Philippine Environmental and Natural Resources Accounting Project-Phase II (ENRAP-II) 1993/05/05 
   JOINT AO 1998-03  Guidelines Governing the Cutting, Removal and Disposition of Timber and Other Forest Products Within DAR Settlement Sites. (DENR-DAR) 1960/01/01