HRD Programs

HRD Programs


Career Development Division


1.  Local Scholarship Progam ->> Master in Public Management (Major in Rural Development)

2.  Foreign Scholarship Program ->>

Assistance in the implementation of Executive Order No. 367 (Foreign Trainings/Scholarship Grants)


Foreign Training invitations for 2013


1.  Japanese Grant in Aid for Human Resource Development Scholarship (JDS)
2.   Seminar on Japanese ODA Projects
3.   JICA Training Programs
4.   KOICA Scholarship/Training Program
5.   MTCP Programs
6.   NFP Fellowship Grants
7.   Colombo Plans


3.   Assistance in the Implementation of Executive Order No. 29 (Meetings/Seminars/Workshops/Int’l. Commitments


International Commitments:

ASOEN - ASEAN Senior Officials Meeting on Environment
APEC - Asia pacific Economic Cooperation ITTO-International Tropical Timber
UNFCC- United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
CBD - Convention on Biological Diversity Montreal Protocol
ESCAP - Economic and Social Committee on Asia and Pacific
UNEPGC-United Nations Environmental Program Governing Council


4.     Status Monitoring of DENR Local and Foreign Scholars



Human Resource Research and Development Division


1. Plan Formulation
    1. DENR HRD Plan, Strategy and Policy Agenda

2. Training Needs Analysis and Training Plan Formulation
    2. Training Needs Analysis and Training Plan Formulation for DENR and Bureaus

3. Curriculum Development
    3. Development of Ladderized Environment and Natural Resources Management Diploma Course

4. Policy Development

           4. Adoption of Quality Management System (ISO: 2000)
           5. Adoption of Competency-Based System at DENR
           6. Guidelines on the Conduct of Cross Visits

        5. Manual Development
            7. Development of Facilitators Manual
            8. Development of Manual on Energizers

        6. Database Management System
            9. Development of the HRDS Training and Development Resource Information System (TDRIS)
            (Database for HRDS Training Participants, Resource Persons, Local and Foreign Scholars, DENROs, CESOs)