The total land area of the Philippines is about 30 million hectares, half of which is classified as forestlands, 47% as alienable and disposable lands, and the remaining 3% as unclassified forestlands.

  • The country’s total land area of 30 million hectares is legally classified as alienable and disposable land and forestland.

  • As of 2008, classified forestland covers some 15.05 million hectares or 50%; unclassified forestland, 0.755 million hectares or 3%; and alienable and disposable land (A & D) spans 14.19 million hectares or 47%.

  • Of the country’s 14.19 million hectares of A & D lands, 9.63 million hectares are already titled.

  • The survey, management, and disposition of A & D lands, including government lands not placed under the jurisdiction of any specific government agency, is a mandate of the Land Management Bureau, one of six bureaus of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

  • Among the major activities of the LMB include the conduct of cadastral survey of all municipalities and cities in the country, management of foreshore areas, and processing and issuance of land titles, as well as investigation and resolution of land cases involving rights conflicts of public land applicants.

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