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Executive Order No. 192, Series of 1987, otherwise known as the DENR Reorganization gave birth to the Human Resource Development Service (HRDS). In 1992, Administrative Order No. 14, dated April 14, 1992 was issued by the Department designating HRD coordinators in all Staff Bureaus, Attached Agencies and Regional Offices to strengthen the HRD capability and rationalize its HR development activities with the need for multi-skilling and changing roles of staff.
In 1995, under Administrative Order No. 25, the functions of HRDS have been amended consistent with the Department’s mandate to establish sustainable human resource development systems/services that shall pursue the advancement of client service orientation while promoting environmental protection and sustainable development.
Three years after the issuance of Administrative Order No. 25, the HRDS was renamed to Human Resource Management Service (HRMS) and transferred to the Personnel Division of the Administrative Service, under the direct supervision of the HRMS. This Order aimed to achieve a more holistic and integrated approach in the management of the services for the human resources in the Department, thereby promoting a more sound career management system, strengthening the merits and rewards system, and institutionalizing a management climate conducive to public accountability, while at the same time promoting sustainable management of natural resources and protection of the environment. 

In 1999, through the issuance of Administrative Order No. 22, a redefinition of the functions of HRMS was effected to give precedence to and intensify the implementation of the training programs and career development systems in the Department. Consistent with this, the Personnel Division was again placed under the supervision of the Administrative Service Director. This is to align personnel actions with policies and standards promulgated by the Administrative Service, thereby ensuring a coordinated and more efficient implementation of said policies and standards. Relative to this, HRMS was again renamed Human Resource Development Service (HRDS).
With these developments, the Department also strengthened the smooth and effective implementation of HRD priority programs and activities in the regional offices, thereby placing the Human Resource Development Section under the Office of the Regional Executive Director through the issuance of Administrative Order No. 32, dated July 11, 2003.
However, with the expanding and increasing mandate of the Department, Administrative Order No. 2008-19 dated September 10, 2008 promulgated the realignment of functions of the HRDS to further strengthen the human resource capabilities and address competency gaps. Through this Order, the Institution Development Division was created to formulate the capability building framework in support of other government agencies (OGAs), local government units (LGUs) and other partners’/stakeholders’ participation in ENR management